FinMac on OS X High Sierra

Working yesterday on the final steps of a project, putting in bowings.  
Mysteriously, articulations were stacking incorrectly.  For instance, a passage 
where the notes were stems-down with articulations above the notes.  When I 
added bowings marks (with metatool keys, if that’s useful info) the up-bows and 
down-bows were appearing below the articulations rather than above.  So I 
looked at the Articulation Selection Designer Box and there were the up-bow and 
down-bow symbols in their usual positions (24 & 25).  

So, thinks I, maybe I have this backwards and the lower down they articulation 
is on the chart the lower it stacks.  So I move the up-bow and down-bow to the 
top of the chart.  And, of course, they still stack below the other 

So I figure I DIDN’T have it backwards and move them back down.  And the STILL 
stack below.

So I give up and use Articualtion/Stack/Never to get them up where they belong 
and finish the project.

Now today, still somewhat flummoxed by this, I open a new document and play 
around:  everything works exactly as it should.  So I open the other project.  
Still misbehaving in that file.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Also, while working on this project—specifically while entering the 
bowings—Finale started crashing on me (spinning beach ball).  Quit, restarted, 
same thing.  Quit, restarted, same thing.  So I hit Save more frequently and 
limped to the finish.  Now today, working on something else, everything’s 
smooth as can be.

Any ideas what’s going on THERE?

For today, anyway, I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead…


Neal Gittleman

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