Finale 2014.5

I have just started a work for string quartet that opens with a set of six chords, joined together by glissandi.

I entered the notes and listened to the playback and it sounded fine.  I used the smart shape tool to add glissandi, but when I tried playback, there was no sound.  I deleted the glissandi, tried playback and it worked, but the pitches that sounded were all wrong.  I deleted the glissandi and tried the pitch bend and then the guitar bend tools.  They played back for the first two shifts but not the rest and the pitches kept on shifting and I did not like the result, which was very disjointed.  I tried the glissando tool again, but there was no sound.

Does anybody know if I am doing something wrong or does it not work?  I have tried glissandi in the past with older versions of Finale and they worked some of the time but were always problematic.


Michael Lawlor

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