I was using Aria Player and Garritan, so I have tried switching to softsynth but still get no sound with glissandi going directly from one note to the next.  It appears to behave if I tie two notes together so there is only one gliss. attached to each note, but the sound is not very good and only hints at being a glissando (i.e. it starts to gliss but does not reach the next note and there is a gap between notes).

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Subject:        Glisses in Finale
Date:   Mon, 7 Jan 2019 18:14:10 +0000
From:   Henry Howey <baszposa...@hotmail.com>
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Are you using Aria Player and Garritan instruments? If so, glisses will eventually degrade the playback. The solution is to save the instrument setups and re-install them from time to time.
Henry Howey
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