Hello, all,

I’m new to Finale Numerics — which seems a decent solution to the figured bass 
and RN analysis issue. However, I am encountering a couple of challenges:

Should say — FinMac 26

1) I can’t see how to use the sharp or flat to the right or left of a figured 
bass number. For a sharped number, of course, I can instead use the slashed 
number. But no combination I can figure out (using hard spaces, e.g.) allows me 
to do something like 7b or b7. Am I missing something?

2) I can’t get Finale Numerics to “stick” as the default lyrics font. I changed 
it in document options, hit apply, but even still, every time when I go to 
enter figures, it reverts to Finale Lyrics font — and I need to change it in 
the text menu.

Any work arounds, or can anyone point me to what I’m missing?

Thanks in advance,
David Froom
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