Hi all,

I posted this on Facebook, but for others of my friends who sometimes use the
standalone Aria Player outside Finale (Windows version): If it won't launch,
check the logs. I spent hours today trying to find the problem and sent a help
request to MakeMusic (no response yet).

By reading the logs, I found that the standalone Aria Player doesn't play well
with the Elgato USB video capture hardware that I'm using. It would place an
error in the logs ("failed PaWasapi_Initialize error [-9986|Internal PortAudio
error]"), and then proceed to enumerate audio devices repeatedly until it
consumed all available computer memory. Once the Elgato unit was unplugged, it
launched. Since no other programs were affected by the presence of the Elgato
(including Aria Player running within Finale itself), it appears to be a bug
in the standalone version.

So if you have a standalone Aria Player that won't launch, check the logs for
a failed device initialization.


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