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This is something I have done before with no problems, but just cannot figure it out at the moment.  I have created an exercise in semibreves (whole notes) and do not want a time signature to appear.  I edit staff attributes and untick time signature in items to display but it has no effect on the time signature of the first stave.  I have done this for all the staves and it works, except for the first one.  I have tried switching it back on and off again and it has no effect; I have created a new staff, named it, hidden the time signature and entered the notes of the first stave from scratch (not copy-paste).  This works until I delete the original, offending stave and the time signature appears on the first stave again.

Problem two

In this same exercise, I set it up just choosing four of the same instruments.  Finale appends numbers after the duplicate staff names, but when I try to change the staff names (using edit full staff name ...), they change except for the sequence number.  In score manager, I can see the correct staff name in the "full name" in the panel at the bottom for the selected staff but the one with the sequence number in the instrument list at the top.

What have I missed?

Thanks in advance of a solution.

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