On Fri, March 15, 2019 8:13 am, Johannes Gebauer wrote:
> I am setting up Finale for a friend, and I would like automatic music
> spacing to be on. This means, that most of the time when you start
> entering music in Speedy the frame is tiny, because at some point before
> the empty measure had been spaced and is now small.
> Is there any way to make the Speedy entry frame default to a larger
> width, so that one can actually see the notes being entered?
> I realise that one could just make the measure larger before opening the
> Speedy frame, but that requires extra steps. It seems silly that this
> user-unfriendly relic has stayed as bad as ever over the years...

It's always bothered me. I don't think this has ever been changed (since I
started with 2.1 for Windows in 1993). I think the frame has always been a
fixed size.

Sometimes I have high and low notes to enter, and the staves go out of the 

Also, when dragging rests between staves, the grid disappears so placement
sometimes requires several tries.

Finally -- and this has persisted through a dozen different video systems, so
I doubt it's video-driver related -- when entering or adjusting notes that
have many ledger lines, the ledger lines go increasingly out of sync with the

Speedy is my default entry method, and I've learned to live with this, albeit


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