I had a lot of problem with this sort of thing when I was using Finale regularly.  It had to do with the software setting the mod wheel more or less randomly, and never being reset to the zero position.  I guess that is still a problem.  I eventually found myself having to add hidden notes (or maybe they were expressions, I can't remember) to reset those mod wheels.  It was a real pain.

On 8/15/2019 5:07 PM, David H. Bailey wrote:
On 8/15/2019 4:41 PM, Don Hart wrote:
Well, Built-in Output level had been reduced to about half.  I never
touched it, I swear. :)

Thank you, Robert, but Human Playback is off the hook this time,


Check any expressions which are in the music close to where the changes in volume appear.  At some point you may have simply duplicated and edited an expression that had playback assigned to velocity or volume but forgotten that over time.  I know I've done that -- simply click the duplicate and then the edit buttons and change the expression, but forgotten to see if the original had any playback function.

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