Hi there,

it seems the efforts on selfupdate-git have stalled a bit, despite some great 
advances the code made in recent times, as I just found out... In fact, though, 
it took me a bit to discover that, because the old pull request was gone. Only 
after some time did I realize that it was merged as a branch...

But I think we should have an open pull request for this! This way, the branch 
is clearly visible even to outsiders; and also insiders are now less likely to 
simply "forget" it. Also, the intent to eventually merge it is made clear. And 
we can review and discuss the code there. In particular, we can collect there 
what the status of the code is, and what is left to do before we can merge it...

Here it is:


Actually, this is a heavily refactored version of the code, rebased on the 
latest master. The first four commits in there could actually be added to 
master right away, I think.

Overall, the code looks to be in quite good shape. Most of the things I 
complained about in the past have been resolved, such as excessive code 
duplication (and that part is even already in master). Nice! Kudos to all of 
you who worked on that!

So, what is missing? I recommend discussing that over on the PR, as that seems 
the logical place and makes it easier for "outsiders" to see what is going on, 
but of course you are free to reply here, too.


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