Package manager version: 0.35.1
Distribution version: selfupdate-cvs Thu Sep 19 01:58:59 2013, 10.8, x86_64

`fink dumpinfo flac` ends prematurely with

builddependsonly: true
source: mirror:sourceforge:flac/flac-1.2.1.tar.gz
source-md5: 153c8b15a54da428d1f0fadc756c22c7
nosourcedirectory: [undefined]
patchfile: flac.patch
patchfile-md5: 5c41b21888c325ba7d77dcc67e24ac9b
Failed: Unknown field patchfile2

The same happens with any of the other 27 packages that have a 
PatchFile2 field.

Is this something I did to my fink or are others seeing this, too?


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