I finally had the time today to setup a new fink server.


the web site and pdb are currently setup and working, the website updates 
hourly from cvs via cron, the pdb I had to make  few changes, I updated it to 
us the WebService::Solr instead of the very old unmaintained Solr perl module.  
I added a --port option since I'm running jetty on port 8082 not 1234 or 8983 
(which is hard coded all over).  And I also added 10.9 to it.

I'd like to get permission to commit my changes, and to contact RangerRick to 
have finkprojects.org A record moved to, and CNAME snitch, www 
and pdb to @.

I will personally be monitoring and updating this box.  It is on site so I have 
physical access to it at all times.  I want to upgrade the ram in it shortly, 
but that will be a small downtime.  It has a large 0+1 Scsi raid so it will be 
perfect to host our mirror and a bandits in the future if we so desire to.

I have setup ISPConfig 3 on it, me and akh currently have the credentials, 
though we could add more as desired so we all have access, would could also 
move the fns and mail to it as with the interface it's very easy to manage.  I 
have roundcube setup for webmail as well as pretty much anything else we 
will/would need.

I just need permission from the core team and we can have a fully functional 
website with pdb again.
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