Hi there,

so I recently had some time and motivation to work on a few small patches for 
fink. And since things are now on GitHub, I thought it might be best to submit 
them as pull requests, so that they can be reviewed and then merged (as opposed 
to just pushing them directly, as I would have in the distant past).

However, there was little reaction; only dmacks found some time to review them 
(thank you, BTW). Which leaves me wondering how to proceed?

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining; everybody here is a volunteer, we all 
have little spare time, etc. etc.. I just wonder: Should I go ahead and merge 
my work resp. push directly, w/o care? Or are there any intentions to use pull 
requests systematically? I.e. should I wait more, and then "somebody" will 
review and merge those PRs? I've been "out of town" for quite some time and 
don't want to step on anybodies toes, as I have no idea how things are done now 
(it seems most development discussions still happen on IRC, like in the bad old 
days, i.e. completely intransparent to outsiders?)

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