On 1/2/18 4:24 AM, Max Horn wrote:
Hi there,

so I recently had some time and motivation to work on a few small
patches for fink. And since things are now on GitHub, I thought it
might be best to submit them as pull requests, so that they can be
reviewed and then merged (as opposed to just pushing them directly,
as I would have in the distant past).

However, there was little reaction; only dmacks found some time to
review them (thank you, BTW). Which leaves me wondering how to

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining; everybody here is a
volunteer, we all have little spare time, etc. etc.. I just wonder:
Should I go ahead and merge my work resp. push directly, w/o care? Or
are there any intentions to use pull requests systematically? I.e.
should I wait more, and then "somebody" will review and merge those
PRs? I've been "out of town" for quite some time and don't want to
step on anybodies toes, as I have no idea how things are done now (it
seems most development discussions still happen on IRC, like in the
bad old days, i.e. completely intransparent to outsiders?)

Lack of responses are probably due to the small number of people that know the Fink code :(

I can't speak directly on best practices on committing fink code, but for distributions, where I do most of the work, my pattern has been split between testing locally and then committing directly to fink/fink-distributions versus using a pull request. I tend to use pull requests when it's a more complicated package update [1], or a submission that doesn't come from the maintainer. This gives it a chance for someone to look at it if they're so inclined. I usually merge the PR a day or two later if no one speaks up and is not a huge change [2]

Perhaps a similar guideline could apply for fink code? Minor changes can go in directly (if you want) with perhaps a quick email to -core or -devel that you're working on feature X. New functions or larger changes go through a PR?


[1] https://github.com/fink/fink-distributions/pull/33
[2] https://github.com/fink/fink-distributions/pull/29 for example needs significant discussion

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