So digging further, the problem installing perl5162-core appears to be due to a 
bug in dpkg handling directories that differ in capitalisation when installing 
on a case sensitive file system.


was unable to be installed because /sw/lib/perl5-core/5.16.2/version/ was not 

Checking with dpkg the created perl5162-core_5.16.2-103_darwin-x86_64.deb shows 
that /sw/lib/perl5-core/5.16.2/version/ is within the deb file and 
/sw/lib/perl5-core/5.16.2/Version/, however the lower case version was not 
being created, while /sw/lib/perl5-core/5.16.2/Version was being created which 
only had one file. 

ls -l /sw/lib/perl5-core/5.16.2/Version                                         
total 32
-r--r--r--  1 root  admin  14605  7 Jan 11:47

So dpkg seems to be confused when two directories differing in case should be 
created on a case sensitive APFS file system. Manually creating the directory:

sudo mkdir /sw/lib/perl5-core/5.16.2/version/

then allows perl5162-core to install, no longer complaining about Internals.pod 
being unable to be installed.

Leigh M. Smith 

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