On 17/1/02 10:29 AM, "Max Horn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> At 10:14 Uhr +1100 17.01.2002, Jeremy Higgs wrote:
>> On 17/1/02 5:54 AM, "Max Horn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>  At 9:50 Uhr -0800 16.01.2002, Gordon Messmer wrote:
>>>>  Thanks Max!  My updated report on the main branch:
>>>>  gnome-games installation fails when chown is not in the path,
>>>>  which it normally is not.  gnome-games should refer to the full
>>>>  path of the binary
>>>>  There seem to still be old versions of povray, rasmol, and xfce in the
>>>>  finkinfo tree.
>>>  What do you mean with "old" ? Not fixed since your last report? Well,
>>>  the maintainers may not yet have gotten around fixing them in stable
>>>  (hint, hint, Jeremy and Andrew =)
>> The version of xfce in stable is old... I have compiled the unstable version
>> of xfce fine, and I have had successful reports, but someone complained of a
>> bus error, I think.
>> Bit late to move it to stable now, though, to be included in 0.3.2.a :-/
> Considering that 0.3.2a is out for almost 24h, yes, it's a bit later :)

24hours??? Really? Hmmm... Didn't think I had slept THAT long! :)
>> I'll still move it if you want, though! :)
> Of course, we'll want it in 0.3.3, don't we?
> BTW, I am not sure if everybody is on the fink-announce list - do you
> guys think I should also send the announce mail to fink-user &
> fink-beginner?
> Max


(and maybe put a note to say to subscribe to fink-announce too)

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