On 17/1/02 10:29 AM, "Max Horn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> The version of xfce in stable is old... I have compiled the unstable version
>> of xfce fine, and I have had successful reports, but someone complained of a
>> bus error, I think.
>> Bit late to move it to stable now, though, to be included in 0.3.2.a :-/
> Considering that 0.3.2a is out for almost 24h, yes, it's a bit later :)

Just out of interest... What's the best way to move something from unstable
to stable?

Also... (while I'm on the topic of CVS), if you want to 'resurrect' a file
that you've removed (cvs remove), what's the command to do that? I've seen
it done before...


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