I ported GNU getopt or gengetopt and I used the getopt.c, getopt.h and
getopt1.c to port lftp and fix a few other ports that use GNU getopt, GNU
getopt provide getopt_long which libSystem.dylib doesn't have.  I propose
making gengetopt essential so that we can add a UpdateGNUgetopt:.  Like
the UpdateConfigGuess and so on.  If any porters are having a problem with
undefined symbol getopt_long, this will fix it.  I will be adding
gengetopt to CVS after i send this email.  But Max asked to to ask what
everyone thought of making it essential so that I could add the
UpdateGNUgetopt portion, because I can't assume it's installed if it's not
essetial, well I'm sure you guys get the point, anyhow I guess it's a sort
of a poll, to find out if it's a good addition to fink.  I know lftp
wouldn't need a patch with this fix.

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