On 4/2/02 5:34 PM, "Olaf Foellinger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> * Max Horn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [04.02.02 07:07]wrote:
>> At 22:55 Uhr +0100 03.02.2002, Olaf Foellinger wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> The patch that makes slrn/slang working doesn't install. I've
>>> reinstalled fink from scratch but the bug still appears.
>> You are not giving much information, you should learn to state all
>> the information related to your request, that includes:
>> 1) the output of "fink --version"
> % fink --version
> Package manager version: 0.9.7
> Distribution version: 0.3.2a
>> 2) the versions of the packages in question, i.e. the versions of
>> slang & slrn in this case. Make sure to give the versions you have
>> actually installed. ("fink list" should help)
> % fink list | grep sl
>   curl-ssl        7.9.2-1     Tool for transferring files with URL syntax
>   fort77          1.18-3      perl script to invoke f2c Fortran translator.
>   gnome-vfs-ssl   1.0.3-2     The GNOME virtual file-system libraries
>   libstroke       0.5.1-2     translates mouse strokes to program commands
>   links-ssl       0.96-1      Lynx-like text WWW browser with tables
>   lynx-ssl        2.8.4-1     A console based web browser (SSL-enabled)
>   mutt-ssl        1.3.24i-1   Sophisticated text-based mail user agent
>   openssl         0.9.6b-1    Secure Sockets Layer and general crypto lib...
> i  slang           1.4.4-4     Embedable extension language and console I/...
> i  slrn     NNTP / spool based newsreader
>   wget-ssl        1.7-2       Automatic web site retreiver
>   xchat-ssl       1.8.6-1     Graphical IRC client
> Greetings Olaf

You need to install slang 1.4.4-5, which is in stable, currently (in CVS...
It may not have been when 0.3.2a was released). Try 'fink update slang', and
see if that will update it to 1.4.4-5. If it doesn't, then you may need to
enable the unstable distro (info available on the fink site) or update your
fink packages via CVS (also available at the fink site).

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