At 20:32 Uhr +0100 04.02.2002, Olaf Foellinger wrote:
>* Jeremy Higgs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [04.02.02 19:39]wrote:
>>  You need to install slang 1.4.4-5, which is in stable, currently (in CVS...
>>  It may not have been when 0.3.2a was released). Try 'fink update slang', and
>>  see if that will update it to 1.4.4-5. If it doesn't, then you may need to
>>  enable the unstable distro (info available on the fink site) or update your
>>  fink packages via CVS (also available at the fink site).
>slang 1.4.4-5 doesn't show either in stable nor in unstable.

Yes it does, in both.

>  I don't
>want to test cvs because I think a working package should show at least
>in unstable (e.g. the not working version of slang is there).

There is a misunderstanding here. How do you imagine the package to 
appear, by magic transfer, done by some little gnomes walking at 
night over your harddisk ? :-)

The working package *is* in both stable and unstable. But you are 
using an outdated version of stable, hence you don't see it. Only if 
you update to CVS (fink selfupdate-cvs) will you see the current 

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