At 22:32 Uhr +0100 11.02.2002, Martin Costabel wrote:
>>  > nsmith> packages, but it's still quite a few thousand files.  Does
>>  > anyone know
>>  > nsmith> what the default maximum number of inodes is in OS X?  This is a
>>  > nsmith> pretty fundamental limit on what a user can do with fink-- and
>Let's see some numbers: "df -i" gives me the exact same percentage of
>used inodes as "df -k" for the used blocks, and this on any partition I
>can find. It seems that there is roughly 1 inode per 4 kB. On a 4GB
>partition that is 90% full, I still see more than 100000 inodes
>available. So I cannot see how you manage to run out of inodes. Or is
>this a UFS partition?

I would bet it is on a UFS partition. On HFS+ there is no such thing 
as inodes, and indeed, for me the percentages are equal in "df -k" 
and "df -i", too.


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