Steven Burr [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> I'd like to make sure I avoid this problem in the future, so I have a 
> question for the group.  Once SourceForge support removes the directory 
> from the repository, can I safely commit in the future without first 
> moving build out of the Project Builder folder? My (obviously limited) 
> understanding is that a file or directory not already in a cvs 
> repository needs to be put there with the "add" command before it will 
> be included in future commits.

It should be safe to commit... when you update you should get a '?' before
the build directory.  If you want to be more permanent about it, make a
.cvsignore file with only the line:

build it, in the top-level directory, and check that in.  CVS will ignore
that directory from then on, if it exists locally.

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