On Tuesday, April 9, 2002, at 08:08 PM, David R. Morrison wrote:
> Let's back up for just a moment here.
> If I sell a CD with GPL'd software, I am only required to provide the 
> source
> to my customers.  So I can meet the requirement of the GPL by putting 
> the
> source on the CD.  (Have you seen the CD's in question?  I haven't, so 
> maybe
> they are doing this.)

I have not seen the cd myself, either, so I really can't say anything 
more on that, but it is possible.

> Secondly, because fink is itself GPL'd, others are free to use our work.
> That's sort of the point of the GPL, after all.
> The issue with these folks in the past was whether they were using our 
> work
> without giving credit.  They did add a comment on their website, but it
> wasn't enough to satisfy reasonable people, IMHO.  But that is in the
> past, and it is quite possible that they are behaving better now.

They are still not, I looked and saw no record what so ever about Fink, 
however it is possible that they have stopped using Fink at all.

> The real solution, it seems to me, is a fink CD.  We could put the
> installer, and the complete binary distribution (including sourcefiles 
> as
> always) on a CD, and we could even throw in the source for all unstable
> packages that have open source licenses.  (Well, to be honest, I have
> doubts that all of the above would fit on a single CD!)  Creating the
> content for such a CD is easy, maybe we could do it after the 0.4.0
> release.  Producing and marketing the CD, though, is something which I
> don't think any of the fink developers have time for.

Kyle Moffett

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