David R. Morrison [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> Looks like a bug, alright.
> Check out the openldap-ssl submission on the package submission tracker, and
> see if that has fixed it.  I'm just waiting for one final response from
> the submitter before committing the new one to CVS.

The new openldap-ssl failed building for me:

cc -I/sw/include/db3 -fno-common -I../../include -I../../include -no-cpp-precomp 
-I/sw/include -L/sw/src/openldap-ssl-2.0.21-1/openldap-2.0.21/libraries -L/sw/lib -o 
slapd main.o daemon.o connection.o search.o filter.o add.o charray.o attr.o entry.o 
config.o backend.o result.o operation.o dn.o compare.o modify.o delete.o modrdn.o 
ch_malloc.o value.o ava.o bind.o unbind.o abandon.o filterentry.o phonetic.o acl.o 
str2filter.o aclparse.o init.o user.o repl.o lock.o controls.o extended.o kerberos.o 
passwd.o schema.o schema_check.o schema_init.o schema_prep.o schemaparse.o ad.o at.o 
mr.o syntax.o oc.o configinfo.o starttls.o index.o sets.o root_dse.o sasl.o module.o 
suffixalias.o mods.o version.o libbackends.a -lavl -lldbm -lldif -llutil -lldap_r 
-llber -ldb -lsasl -lssl -lcrypto -ldl
/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:

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