On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 11:11 AM, David R. Morrison wrote:

> Here are my thoughts (on the original message and Max's followup):
> How hard would it be to modify things so that everything was installed 
> into
>   libs/kde-2.0/
> rather than libs/ ?  (I chose a random version number, of course you 
> should
> use the actual one.)  If this can be done without too much trouble, it 
> would
> solve the problem.  Of course, it will mean than any package which wants
> to link to these libs will need an extra flag to indicate 
> /sw/libs/kde-2.0
> as a library directory.
> Short of that, I agree with Max: there won't be much point in splitting 
> it
> up.

Not sure... some of it does already go into lib/kde3, but unfortunately, 
a number of the things in lib/ are unversioned.

I suppose it may be possible; I'm not sure how much work it would be to 
do it, but that's definitely a possibility.


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