Title: Cdrtools install fail

I am such a newbie that it is not even funny, but I did try and test the cdrtools package installer.  It failed, I’m sorry to say, and I’m not quite sure what to do next.

I have the latest version of Fink (self-update to CVS), the latest cdrtools package (
1.11a11-1) and am using OSX 10.1.4 w/ the updated Dec 2001 Dev Tools installed.

I verified that the xconfig.h file had been properly edited with the Unix-98 include as suggested by the cdrtools OSX install how-to.

I can produced a lengthy compile log if it would be of some assistance, but am not a subscriber to this list.  Please contact me off list with possible work-arounds or requests for log files.


Joshua Hancik
VP Interactive Media
The Factory Interactive, Inc.

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