On Monday, May 20, 2002, at 08:13 PM, Lloyd D Budd wrote:

> on 2002/05/20 19:54,  [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:
>> On Monday, May 20, 2002, at 07:42 PM, Lloyd D Budd wrote:
>>> on 2002/05/20 13:43,  [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent:
>>> Anyway, I downloaded
>>> x11.xml .  Opened it in the oxymoronic, Mac TextEdit.   I had a full
>>> updates
>>> and went to save, and which time it informed me that "TextEdit" cannot
>>> save
>>> in plain text. Ok :-7
>> all you need to do is go to format/make plain text, or hit command-t
>> :-)
> Hello Chris,
> Thank you for the info!  Interesting, I recreated the scenario.  Of 
> course,
> without following your excellent recommendations.  TextEdit complains on
> save, "TextEdit does not save SimpleText format; document will be saved 
> as
> rich text (RTF) instead, with a new name."  Is x11.xml really SimpleText
> format?
> -lloyd

Here is the problem:
TextEdit saves both plain text (.txt) and rich text (.rtf), but not 
SimpleText (Weird thing with Type & Creator codes)
I think that IE is the problem (It adds extra type & creator codes to 
many files)  I recommend using OmniWeb (Free: www.omnigroup.com)

Here is the solution:
Force format fix by pressing Cmd-Shift-T until it changes to a blocky 
monospaced type
Run "File->Save As..." and replace the older file.  This will also cause 
it to open properly in the future.

Kyle Moffett


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