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The process of upgrading existing packages to fit into a good shared
libraries system is almost over. All of the dependency problems that have
arisen in the past few weeks have been side-effects of the upgrade, and all
of them have been quickly resolved. Once the upgrade is over, there
shouldn't be any remaining dependency problems.

-- Dave

I'm sorry you misunderstood me. I was problems arising from the provides/depends for splitoffs (But please do correct me if I am wrong), Ex.


When installing the packages that depend on gnome-vfs, dependency problems arise involving the extraneous user choice provided when installing gnome-vfs or gnome-vfs-ssl

fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The

(1) gnome-vfs-shlibs: The GNOME virtual file-system libraries
(2) gnome-vfs-ssl-shlibs: The GNOME virtual file-system libraries, with SSL

Pick one: [1] 2
The following 2 packages will be installed or updated:
dlcompat gnome-vfs
The following additional package will be installed:
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

This option is erroneous, and results from an incomplete dependency tree being available when asking the user about options.

I will follow up with more detail tomorrow when I respond to Max's email (It is to late for me right now, I need to go to bed sometime before school starts)

Sorry for the confusion,
Kyle Moffett

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