Max Horn [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> I am fully with you on this. I stated similar concerns about this in 
> the past but was overruled. In any case now it's not to late to undo 
> this, if we can agree on it, even with relatively little pain.
> However, first we need to evaluate in how far shared libs of this are 
> required for the correct working of KDE, and if they are required, 
> why so, and what we can do to make KDE happy with static libs of 
> them. One of those more directly involved into the KDE porting 
> (Benjamin, etc.) should comment on this.

Well, part of the problem is that I was not even aware of the issue until
all 300 meg of binaries had already been built, over the span of 2 days,
and there was no way in hell I was building everything again.  =)

Knowing that things have changed now, it is very likely that the KDE build
can be changed to use the non-dynamic versions of Xinerama and Xv...

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