Xinerama and Xv, in the shared lib format are *NOT* needed.  They are only
used if present.  Since Xinerama and Xv are built statics in the Xfree
build by default, and we turned them on, since I needed them for an other
port, and Ben build the KDE binaries from fink and the fink verion of
Xfree, the only way to remove this depend from the binaires would be to
install xfree-4.2-4 when building them, whith didn't have the shared
versions of Xinerama and Xv in it.  But since me and Ban have nuked our
debs and src directory many times in this KDE project I doubt we have a
copy laying around.

Obviously if we use Xfree-4.2-4 to build them and this will force KDE to
use the static Xinerama and Xv, it will not hurt any system that has the
shared version present.

>> I am fully with you on this. I stated similar concerns about this in 
>> the past but was overruled. In any case now it's not to late to undo 
>> this, if we can agree on it, even with relatively little pain.
>> However, first we need to evaluate in how far shared libs of this are 
>> required for the correct working of KDE, and if they are required, 
>> why so, and what we can do to make KDE happy with static libs of 
>> them. One of those more directly involved into the KDE porting 
>> (Benjamin, etc.) should comment on this.
>Well, part of the problem is that I was not even aware of the issue until
>all 300 meg of binaries had already been built, over the span of 2 days,
>and there was no way in hell I was building everything again.  =)
>Knowing that things have changed now, it is very likely that the KDE build
>can be changed to use the non-dynamic versions of Xinerama and Xv...

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