* Sean Lake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2007-Nov-23 20:51 AKST]:
> update-perl588-sax-parsers: adding Perl SAX parser module info file of 
> XML::SAX::PurePerl...
> Can't locate object method "save_parsers_debian" via package "XML::SAX" 
> at /sw/sbin/update-perl588-sax-parsers line 97.

I had the same problem earlier today.  I believe the problem is that
Perl is using the module that now comes with Leopard, which doesn't have
the save_parsers_debian method in it.  My quick and dirty fix was to
just move the Leopard modules out of the way temporarily so Perl would
use the fink ones.

It's not much of a fix, but here's what I did:

    $ sudo mv /System/Libraries/Perl/Extras/5.8.8/ /tmp/

    < do whatever installations are necessary >

    $ sudo mv /tmp/5.8.8/ /System/Library/Perl/Extras/

Maybe there's a Perl module PATH that could solve it more gracefully?


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University of Alaska Fairbanks

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