Martin Costabel wrote:
> Christopher Swingley wrote:
>> Sean,
>> * Sean Lake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2007-Nov-23 20:51 AKST]:
>>> update-perl588-sax-parsers: adding Perl SAX parser module info file 
>>> of XML::SAX::PurePerl...
>>> Can't locate object method "save_parsers_debian" via package 
>>> "XML::SAX" at /sw/sbin/update-perl588-sax-parsers line 97.
>> I had the same problem earlier today.  I believe the problem is that
>> Perl is using the module that now comes with Leopard, which doesn't have
>> the save_parsers_debian method in it.
> This doesn't seem to be systematic, though. For me, xml-sax-pm588 
> installs without error on 10.5.

Is there, perhaps, a missing dependency then? Did you build install from 
a clean slate fink install?


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