I'd like to add a third question to the below, but which is not related to
the viewer:

   - Does a reference document/publication exist for the general
   conservation equation as solved by fipy? I am looking for something which
   defines the terms in said equation with slightly more mathematical
   rigour... Thanks!

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Date: Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 5:01 PM
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Dear All,

I'm just getting back into using fipy after a few months hiatus. I'm
getting more familiar with how it works, but I have a couple of questions
about the viewer:

   - Is it possible to control linestyle (specifically dashes)  of the
   cellVariable objects tied to each specific viewer? I'd like to avoid the
   possibility of superimposing very similar plots and thinking they are the
   - I am primarily using jupyter notebook to practice some basic concepts.
   What I've found is that simply instantiating the viewer in interactive mode
   will generate a plot. This renders a viewer.plot() call redundant. When I
   run the whole notebook in non-interactive mode I get the expected behavior,
   namely one plot with a .plot() call. Am I missing something here? Why does
   viewer instantiation generate a plot in jupyter notebook?

Thanks for your help and look forward to your reply.


Amine Aboufirass
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