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> Is there a tool (or way) to debug database step by step.
> Now we have weird situation where delete from one database fails, on
> foreign key error, which sounds like it would be trivial thing, but seems
> so far it is not.
> I was just thinking that if it would be our application code I would be
> able to debug through all of the related code and see if there is the
> culprit or not.
> We suspect it has somethign to do with specific data on the rows. because
> some of them delete perfectly fine. This happens in this one database only.
> I've done backup restore for it, I ran gfix stuff on it. I even pumped the
> data in empty DB.
> it should be problem of database structure (trickers and such), data or the
> Firebird. and most likely it problem of first two.
> I was just thinking that is there an tool I could see step by step all the
> operations in the DB before the foreigh key error is raised. So I could
> step by step see the order the trickers and so fires and what they do.
> Or if someone at Firebird project could check if it is indeed the Firebird
> bug. I think we could send the DB, if it he/she keeps it safe and keeps it
> secret :) 
> - - - -
> This is slightly scary. We dropped the FK and created it back again and it
> works like a charm. And friend checked that foreign key from the System
> tables and it seems to be exactly same.
> So could this be the bug or issue in firebird after all?

What FB version do you use?
Modern firebird versions (like FB3 for example) produce good explanation 
what FK failed and why.
For example (in employee.fdb):

SQL> delete from country where country = 'Japan';
Statement failed, SQLSTATE = 23000
violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "INTEG_11" on table "JOB"
-Foreign key references are present for the record
-Problematic key value is ("COUNTRY" = 'Japan')

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