On 2-2-2018 08:57, Dmitry Yemanov wrote:
It is exactly one screen more than necessary. SQL_DEC16 and
SQL_DEC34 covers whole possible set of values. SQL_DEC_FIXED is just
unnecessary and there is no point to have it at API level at all.

I tend to agree that there's no sense to use yet another data type at the API side. SQL_DEC16/DEC34 can be easily used instead.

That could work, but that will require identification (eg through subtype), that this should be handled as a fixed scale column or parameter, which could mean SQL_DEC34 subtype 0 is DECFLOAT (as is now), SQL_DEC34 subtype 1 could be NUMERIC and SQL_DEC34 subtype 2 could be DECIMAL.

Isn't it the case already (for SQL_DEC_FIXED)? sqlscale was always used to indicate INTEGER vs NUMERIC vs DECIMAL, I suppose it's preserved for SQL_DEC_FIXED and can be used for SQL_DEC16/DEC34 too.

Nope: http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/browse/CORE-5728

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