02.02.2018 17:25, Alex Peshkoff via Firebird-devel wrote:
I.e. to represent NUMERIC/DECIMAL(M, N) where M > 18 will be used SQL_DEC34 with sqlsubtype 1/2? But what should be the value of sql_scale? On the one hand in should be non-zero to let user know how many digits after decimal point may be used. On the other - for non-zero scale in numeric fields we always used to follow the rule: value = basic-type-value * pow(10, -scale) but most of people here tend to require SQL_DEC34 to be already scaled correctly.

Because SQL_DEC* values according to IEEE are, actually, floating-point values, they must be treated the same way as SQL_FLOAT and SQL_DOUBLE, IMHO.

  WBR, SD.

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