On 04/09/18 15:55, Arnaud Le-roy wrote:

I contribute to node-firebird provider and I have question about the way to 
retrieve blob.

First it works well, but I think the way is not good and could cause future 
problems (hang connection).

An exemple a request retrieve 2000 rows with two blob columns :

Today in the node provider, in this case :

1) Write on the socket 2 x 2000 op_open_blob
2) Then Write 2 x 2000 op_get_segment

On the socket we obtain that

1) first write => 4000 op_open_blob
2) first read => obtain 4000 blob handle
3) write 4000 op_get_segment

In some case  the fb server no accept write on this connection and no drain 
event is emitted so maybe there is a problem in this way of doing.

My question is, for you this way of doing is supported  ?

The normal way for me is to get blob one by one, isn’t it ?

If I understood you correctly - yes.

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