Norman wrote:

> I've done a "./ docs" and everything has built ok, except, the 
> multi-page HTML docs which don't go into dist/html, they just get built 
> into the root folder. This truly messes up a "git status" command as all 
> the files are listed.
> Q3. Anyone else seen this? With a clean build? Oracle Java 9?
> I did clear everything out again, from the root folder, and did a 
> "./ html" and got exactly the same mess. I can manually move 
> things into dist, but I can't see anything in the build.xml that might 
> be causing this - but I'm not an Ant guru I'm afraid.
> Q4. Any clues?

Sorry, no. I'm not an Ant guru either and it's a rather complicated tool,

I'd like to look into this but it won't be before Friday.


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