Hi Norman,

> I've updated the gfix manual to resolve issue DOC-129 whereby the sweep 
> interval was incorrectly defined.
> I've raised a pull request from my specially created branch DOC-129 for 
> the resolution.

I've just merged your commit. But since this is 'your own' doc, you might
just as well have pushed it directly, just like in days of old, when we
were using CVS and ran around in bearskin.

> While I am able to merge this fix into master, I cannot merge it into 
> B_release though. I get the impression that B_Release either didn't come 
> across correctly, or is too far out of date from Master as attempting to 
> merge my DOC-129 branch into B_release gives lots of conflict errors.

Simply copy it over and commit/push it like we decided in 2011:

>> When you're going to publish, you bluntly copy the file(s) in question
>> over their counterparts in the B_Release working copy, and commit there
>> (of course you also commit to HEAD). The advantage of this method is
>> that now you are absolutely sure that the revision in B_Release is
>> identical to the one in HEAD. You can't make subtle mistakes while
>> merging, because there's no merging and tagging involved. You just
>> bulldozer your way into the B_Release branch and drop your stuff there.
> I like blunt and I don't care what the cvs gurus think! ;-) This sounds
> by far the method most likely to cause the least errors! I think I'll be
> sticking with this option.


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