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Hi all,

[ about committing to B_Release ]

Depending on the exact needs, it might take some advanced git-fu, and
the simplest solution may turn out to be to just copy the latest state
and commit that to B_Release, without merging the specific file-history
on the branch.

And that's exactly how we're supposed to do it, even in the CVS days:

Once a document reaches a publishable state (again), you copy it to
B_Release, overwriting the current content (which represents the
previous publishable state of that document).

This way, B_Release's head always contains the most recent buildable
and publishable version of every manual.

Ok, assuming the local master is up-to-date and you are on branch B_Release, you can use

git checkout master <path-of-file>

Path of file is relative to your current position in the repository. This will copy the file exactly as it is on the HEAD of master, without commit history.

As far as I know this would need to be done for each file individually, which may not be ideal for larger manuals.

Mark Rotteveel

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