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You can add it if you like - add a DOC ticket in Tracker.

I'll see what I can do, it may take a while though. I'm currently having some health problems that result in low energy and lack of concentration. I was already happy I was able to read it to the end and make some comments ;)

Page 22: SP_ADD_INVOICE_LINE generates an id for invoice_line_id, but
there is also a trigger that does this. Removing this would also remove
the need for the grant usage to the stored procedure.

Comment from Denis would be welcome.

Page 27: Name of the zip (and the database) is rather generic, can we
use a more specific name (eg devguide-example.fdb, and

No, I don't think so.  We seem to have some limits on path lengths in
the CMS;  plus any updates to links means updates in multiple

Interesting. If the files are uploaded using SCP I wouldn't expect there to be such issues. Maybe creating an alias higher up the tree in the file system might be an option; that would also allow for supporting both old and new links.

Page 204: How are we going to handle version updates of dependencies?
For example Jaybird 3.0.0 has already been superseded with version
3.0.3. And current latest jOOQ version is 3.10.5, latest Spring is
5.0.4, (or 4.3.14 for 4.x), etc.

My take on this is that it would be something for the driver
coordinators to keep an eye on.



ditto ditto ditto.  Perhaps you and Denis need to confer about such


Page 211: Add callout that people must update the directory-element in
the jOOQ configuration in example.xml

I also believe it is possible for jOOQ to have this configuration in the
pom.xml, this might make the code more self-contained.

ditto ditto ditto

Page 213: Odd comments in code with a lot of question marks, maybe
originally Russian lost in conversion?



        // ?????????? ???????????? ???????????

BTW, I recommended Tracker tickets for changes, etc., as our
notification setup from github doesn't seem to be working.  Besides,
the tracker tickets are more accessible to anyone who wants to follow
changes.  Remember, Tracker isn't just for bugs.

I hadn't noticed yet that the notifications were broken. I wonder if those are still after-shocks of the issues after the SourceForge datacenter migration.

I'll check and re-test the configuration.

Notice, too, that there is a Document History chapter.  It would be
highly useful if you would add a row to that for each batch of changes
you do, with a link to the Tracker ticket, where applicable.  The
points you have made concerning the Java section will be more or less
applicable to the other platforms as well.  Furthermore, we must hope
that others will come along with sections for other platforms.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. I hope I can do something with it soon.

Mark Rotteveel

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