Mark wrote:

> On 7-3-2018 09:53, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
>> I hadn't noticed yet that the notifications were broken. I wonder if 
>> those are still after-shocks of the issues after the SourceForge 
>> datacenter migration.
>> I'll check and re-test the configuration.

> Possibly the passwords in mailman were lost during the migration (or at
> least the admin password of the mailing list didn't work for me), so I
> have set them back to their previous values.

> However, GitHub notifications still aren't showing up on the list. I 
> have added myself to the addressee list on GitHub, and the notification
> is showing up on my own address, and it includes the header that should
> let the list accept it. It looks like it might be a problem somewhere 
> within SourceForge...

I don't know how you set that up so I can't test any theory.  One
thought that occurred to me at the time of the big commit of the
fbdevguide files was that I'm fairly sure the SF mailman server has a
size limit on all messages, about 75 KB if I remember rightly.  I
tried to go into the admin interface to see if an over-size message
was waiting for action, but the server itself was down at the time.

It is up at the moment, but the only message there waiting for action
was some of the usual spam.  Your guess about some kind of hitch in
the infrastructure move is probably not far out.

As it happens, a list of files from the initial commit would have been
huge, as there were hundreds of files in the sources for the sample
projects, including dozens for Windows themes in the two .NET frameworks
and the Java app.

The important thing for notifications is to signal when someone has
committed a change or addition to one book or another.

Anyhoo, don't worry yourself about this until you're feeling better.
The users have a super reference book to start experimenting with and
nothing show-stopping has turned up so far.


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