Mark wrote:

> On 8-3-2018 20:22, Nico Latzer wrote:
>> Hello all, yesterday i browsed a little bit thru the newly published "FB 3 
>> Developers Guide",
>> and i found it very valuable and impressivly well done. NOw my question is, 
>> does it make sense to
>> provide an additional application example based on  "Python Tkinter"? if so 
>> i would be
>> pleased to take this part and try my best to reach your level. Please let me 
>> know your thoughts

> For some reason your message didn't end up on the list until now, but I
> think that would be a great idea!

Certainly something odd was going on.  In fact, I released this
message only yesterday, having had no notifications from SF about it.
On going into the Admin interface, I found the forwarding address for
admin had been deleted and there was a small pile of SPAM there, along
with Nico's message for moderation.

Maybe we need to think about a migration to Google groups or Yahoo
groups for this list. We can no longer get the subscriber list but I
have an archive going back to Noah's flood.  It should not be too hard
to assemble a migration list.


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