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  Hi Mark, many thanks for Your feedback. i made my first draft of example 
application and documentation available under


As already indicated by Frank, it would be better to use fdb (or pyfirebirdsql), kinterbasdb is no longer actively maintained since 2007.

Some comments

- Your style is conversational which is helpful for an introduction, but I think the stream-of-thought parts need to be a more compact and less 'personal'. - I think that as a result of the stream-of-thought, some sections raise questions, but don't explicitly answer them, or posit a conclusion, without explaining it (eg in Choosing our Transaction Handling) - Add some more in-depth technical details on what the code does (or add some references to documentation) - The code on page 3/4 has an SQL injection bug, specifically: "lower(name) like '%%%s%%'" % quote(flt)
Either avoid the SQL injection or specifically point this out with a warning

Some language nitpicking
- i should be I
- Don't capitalize words that shouldn't be capitalized in English

I haven't carefully reviewed the python code, as I haven't actively done things with Python for years.

Mark Rotteveel

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