On 24-4-2018 21:44, Norman Dunbar wrote:
I thought the VPN was ancient history? Am I wrong?

No you aren't, I just assumed SSH access was meant.

I remember writing the docs for how to use it, and then it got changed so that we simply provide an ssh public key (but not dsa!) and that gives us access to sftp our documents directly to the web site. I need to write a new set of "how to upload" manuals!

I don't think everyone should have access to upload manuals. For one it throws up additional risks and barriers: uploading to the site should only be done by trusted users (or even better: it should be an automatic CI build that does it), and expecting all contributors to be able to upload then either means we trust all contributors, or that we only accept contributions from trusted users.

In other words, we need to have discern between types of contributors: eg 'trusted' contributors ('coordinators'?) can upload documentation, all other contributors just need to create pull requests on GitHub.

Note: I think we already work this way, but given this document https://www.firebirdsql.org/file/documentation/reference_manuals/user_manuals/html/fbvpn.html we may be giving the incorrect expression that all contributors need to be able to do this.

As an aside, we need to look at updating all the documentation under "Manuals for Firebird Docwriters" on the site to be in line with the brave new world of GitHub.

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