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> where may I get the docbook version oft he 4.0 alpha release notes?
> Would be great if I can translate those in time.

Release Notes sources don't go into version control until the release
itself, specifically to avoid having translators putting in effort to
translate stuff that is going to change a lot as the release evolves.

Take it from me, getting the background for new features and
improvements is like squeezing blood from a stone!  It is just how it
is, nobody's fault.  Typically (and correctly) the developers don't
commit themselves to documenting new things until they are close to
completing them.

Also, bug fixes are meant to be cleaned out for the final release
notes, so that only bugs that existed in older versions are

All in all, you are taking on a hot task if you want to keep
translations in synch during alpha and beta.  I can send them to you
privately if you like.


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