Martin wrote:

> basically, I agree with you. But why can't I find the release notes
> for the alpha 4.0 on Github? I thought Alpha 1 is freezed, isn't it?

The problem is not whether the alpha or beta is frozen, but of a
translator publishing notes for an alpha or beta and its being stuck
as the only translated version available because nobody followed up
with an update.

> I think there are some core sections that will not change much. So please 
> send me the material.

Actually, everything changes radically, especially from alpha -->
beta.  Alpha notes are really just placeholders for the new features,
in most cases.

> Just a thought. Would it be useful to make open changes in your own
> branches and merge them later with the release branch?

We could do something like that.  I have a repository for docs on
github that Denis and I used while we were working on the Developer's
Guide.  It has not been used since then.  It could do with a cleanup,
once I figure out how to do that.  I'm a Github moron but I did manage
to work it before our repositories went under 2FA.  At the moment I am
stuck with not being able to push anything.  Mark has given me some
tips on what I might try and I'm planning to get into that at the

In the meantime, I'll zip up the sources for the Fb4 alpha notes and
put them in the pre-release area of the website
and send you a link.

Note, Dmitry is currently preparing stuff for the Fb4 Beta 1, so I
expect to be working on that over the next couple of weeks.


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