Hi Everyone, I still get some segfaults on an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Firebird 
Classic 2.5.8

 It was about 10-13 errors/day with 2.5.6 
 After updating to 2.5.8 it's now decreased to 3-4 errors/day


 I'm willing to see under what circumstances this error occurs. When I ask the 
clients, they're telling me that the application crashed during the routine 
work, normal use of the application. 

 Is the IP expression in the logs show the IP of the client? If yes, how do I 
decode it? :)


 Apr  5 11:16:29 kernel: [3504687.587949] fb_inet_server[32009]: segfault at 0 
ip 00007f2d4ed5e465 sp 00007f2d4d116b80 error 4 in 

 Apr  5 15:33:19 kernel: [3520096.643292] fb_inet_server[20068]: segfault at 0 
ip 00007fe9b8da5465 sp 00007fe9b715db80 error 4 in 

 Apr  5 15:39:09 kernel: [3520446.874071] fb_inet_server[21128]: segfault at 0 
ip 00007fb77d2e9465 sp 00007fb77b6a1ac0 error 4 in 

 Apr  5 17:57:29 kernel: [3528746.578874] fb_inet_server[31243]: segfault at 
7f0c9f042000 ip 00007f0ca7a80cec sp 00007f0ca72e5d78 error 4 in 


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