Thanks. I still maintain my student carried this idea much further then anyone before.

As I said before, priority in such issues issues is very hard to establish. I think that Michael Scriven was well ahead on these ideas. He is now known as Tal Scriven. His ideas date much earlier than 1992, to say the least. I first encountered them in 1971 at MIT.


At 05:49 PM 2009/11/14, David Weiss wrote:
The inventor of the concept of Information as Asymmetry is
Michael Leyton in his enormous book 640 pages
Symmetry,Causality, Mind (MIT Press, 1992).
Furthermore:  Leyton invented the concept of the
causal basis of information.
In addition, Leyton's book A Generative Theory of Shape
in Springer (2001),  invents an enormous mathematical theory
of information as asymmetry.  
Leyton's work is used by scientists in over 40 disciplines.
His theorems are used 1000s of times a minute all around the world.
Also, because of the importance of his work he was awarded a major prize from
the president of the united states.

Symmetry Causality Mind. By Michael Leyton. MIT Press 1992: Berlin.

A Generative Theory of Shape.  By Michael Leyton.  MIT Press 2001.

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