Dear Prof. Zhong,

Many thanks for your opening text. In fact, we have been recently working in cooperation with other groups about the problem of abstracting computationally the "intelligence" of the "minimal eukaryotic cell" and we have found ourselves discussing very similar aspects to the questions you ask in your exciting message. What is the correct concept of intelligence? Can we apply it to the living cell? If so, what functions of the cell are supporting the intelligence of the system? In previous discussions in this list we have heard several parties who have directly or indirectly supported the idea of cellular intelligence (conspicuously Kevin Clark and Pedro: we do not quite agree with them!).

Jorge and me believe that it is very important extending the intelligence concept correctly into the cellular realm, where we can pinpoint most of the molecular mechanism involved in information-knowledge-intelligence conversion. It could change the panorama of these studies and particularly the relationship between natural intelligence and artificial intelligence...

Raquel & Jorge
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