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> I think it of some interest that I have previously ( 2006  On Aristotle’s 
> conception of causality.  General Systems Bulletin 35: 11.) proposed that the 
> Aristotelian 'formal cause' determines both 'what happens' and 'how it 
> happens', and that the combination of this with material cause ('what it 
> happens to') delivers 'where' it happens.

What a curious view of Aristotelian causality!

You completely reject the traditional metaphor of the purpose associated with 
building a house?

Formal causes are almost always interpreted in terms of symbolic 
representations - symbolic logic, symbolic equations, symbolic plans - images 
of human imagination /consciousness.

So you see yourself, as within your consciousness, as the source of 'what 
happens' and 'how it happens'!   :-)  ;-)



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